How To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills [10 Key Points]

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Writing can be a passion, a hobby, or a way to earn money.

Writing is the quality that comes from the inner mind. You can’t force yourself to write.

You can’t copy this habit of others even if you want until it owns you. There are some basic elements that need to be followed in order to improve your blog writing skills.

The thing which is common in all is that everyone wants their paragraphs, articles, posts, etc to be excellent.

There are different types of writings so let’s have a look at this and take steps one by one by going deep into the roots and improving writing skills for a blog post.

  • Expository: It explains something in a process and with facts and figures. Textbook writing is an example of it.
  • Descriptive: It describes a character, an event, or a place in a detailed manner. Journal or diary writing is an example of descriptive writing.
  • Persuasive: In persuasive writing, the author tries to convince readers of his point of view. Like ‘reviews’ of movies, restaurants can fall into this category.
  • Narrative: The main purpose is to tell a story. It has characters and dialogues. Novels are a good example of this.

Knowing about types of writing, let’s have some basic understanding of which one needs to have to write a good blog post. Let’s dive in together.

1: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

  • This G.P.S always plays a crucial role in writing as these are the building blocks of writing and can even change the meaning of a sentence if used in an inappropriate manner.
  • Tools such as Grammarly can help you to check your grammatical mistakes and improves your writing skills.
  • The way an author presents himself to the reader i.e. the way of writing the article also grades the quality of the writing so one must be good in presenting the work.
  • This quality needs to be there in online as well as offline mode. 

2: Divide your Paragraphs into Headings.

Elaborate your main heading paragraphs by giving sub-headings.

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Important and short sentences can be given in bullet points.

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Summarizing the article is an effective way that drives readers to understand your point of view.

The use of figures, bar graphs, flowcharts will make your article more attractive and informative.

Margins and font-size also have a position in making your presentation.

Proper knowledge of using capital and small letters. Also, If you find something important try to highlight them.

3: Strike and Write

A great blog post is when it conveys the message powerfully and quickly. To turn a blog post which left a mark in your audience you have to be quick and fast.

Why strike and write!

Ideas can strike in your mind at any place and at any time so make it a habit to write down your ideas as it strikes in your mind.

I would highly recommend using tools like Google Keep and Evernote. This helps you to not forget and you have a lot of stuff to execute.

4: Research and Read

One important tip to improve writing skills is ‘Don’t write in a hurry’.

Always believe to read and research the topic from the books of good authors, the post of good bloggers as this helps you to develop true knowledge.

Start observing patterns of good bloggers and writers and notice how they’re presenting there content to there audience.

The Most Effective Way To Attract Audience is to “Write Less and Say More”

This is the skyscraper technique I personally use to learn how to write in a more effective way.

5: Outline

This is the next step after doing research on the topic.

Outlining the article helps you to make your post a great one. This can give you an idea about the content of a particular topic and help you write more efficiently.

6: Involve Readers

Try to ask about the topic to your audience by taking their feedback and comments. Asking your audience will involve them and creates interest in them.

This is the best way for you to know about what type of traffic you are having on your website and the future expectation of your audience to you about the content of your next post.

7: User-friendly Language

Make your words, your sentences simple and precise.

The best way to express and keep your point of view to the audience is by giving daily life examples and writing your words as a storyteller.

Write as it’s your job.

8: Practice and Practice

We all are familiar with ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ so re-read your previous articles, find where you can improve and how you can improve.

This will make the grade of your article as good, better, and best.

9: Writing Partner

You can appoint someone as your mentor to check your articles, posts with true dedication.

Your writing partner or mentor should have top class knowledge of the elements of writing. This will help you to find your mistakes and take your article on the right track.

10: Proof-read

Before finalizing the content and publishing it, give it a check. Read—Reread—Reread it again. Make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors.

Make it persuasive.

Do not think that your article is perfect the first time you wrote. There are a lot of chances to find errors as you reread it.

Final Checklist to Improve Blog Writing Skills:

  • Proper use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Note down your ideas.
  • Read good books and blogs.
  • Try to be original.
  • Be creative, precise, and simple.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Outline your writing.
  • Find a partner who can check your article and give you feedback.
  • Practice-Practise and Practise.
  • Reread your article to avoid mistakes.

I hope this will definitely improve your writing skills for your blog. Do let me know what you think and what tactics you’re following?

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  1. Hey Shubham Chaudhary ,

    Excellent and well-explained post. I truly appreciate your hard work.

    Glad to say that you have done fabulous work and suggested great tips to improve blog writing skills. Every-time you come up with ideas that are truly helpful in every manner. You have explained very nicely and mentioned key tips here.

    While creating a blog post it is really essential to focus on spellings, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes. Dividing the paragraphs into headings and using user-friendly language are really good ideas.

    Doing practice on a regular basis is also crucial, as we know that practice makes a man perfect. Before publishing the content it is really important to check and proof-read. Adopting and implementing these tips will be a great helping hand.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.


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