Good Backlinks Vs Bad Backlinks

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Building good backlinks are very necessary to rank your blog post higher on Google. But in the rat race of building backlinks, we somehow forget about the quality of backlinks and impact of backlinks that they might have on our website.

But after Google penguin algorithm update it is very crucial to understand the quality of your backlinks.

Good backlinks can be a powerful signal to Google for organic traffic. Similarly, on the other hand, bad backlinks may have a bad impact on your site SEO and ranking.

Remember all backlinks are not the same.

In this article, we are going to talk about the impact of good backlinks and bad backlinks.

Let’s get started.

Types of Backlinks?

  1. Do-Follow Backlink: Tell search engines to follow these links and give them SEO value.
  2. No-Follow Backlink: Tell search engines not to follow these links.

So if you’re getting do-follow backlink then obviously you’ll be getting all the link juice out of it, that is great for SEO and ranking. But remember, that backlink is not coming from a spammy website.

What is Good Backlink?

If you’re getting a do-follow backlink from a high authority website in your niche then you’ll be getting all SEO value and authority in the eye of Google.

Suppose, the niche of your website is food-related and you get a do-follow backlink from same niche website then it is worth.

What is Bad Backlink?

Backlinks coming from untrusted sources are bad backlinks. If you’re getting a backlink from a penalized website and that doesn’t follow Google Webmaster guidelines can have a negative impact on your website ranking and SEO.


  • Never get a backlink from a spammy and penalized website.
  • Not all backlinks are good.
  • Never get too many backlinks from a single domain.
  • The website must be of your niche.
  • Anchor text must suit your post content.

Final Words:

If you want to rank your post then you should focus on building quality good backlinks from authority websites.

Make sure the website is not penalized or banned from Google and hold a spam score of less than 3.

If a site has bad metrics than never try to build any kind of backlink and move to the next website. You can follow different strategies to build backlinks, like guest posting or broken link building method.

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