How To Boost Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)

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The main purpose of starting an email campaign is to maintain the sales funnel and for the retentivity of the customers.

But do we have an insisting strategy that drives users to become a customer of a particular brand or the company?

How can we analyze the growth of the campaign? How can the sender turns campaign into conversion?

The terms that we’re gonna discuss tell about the progress of a company in terms of sales and about an email campaign success. 

The average percentage of these terms defines the relationship between a sender and a receiver.

Let’s find a solution in this post to improve email click-through rate and get maximum ROI.


Are you familiar with the word ‘trust-worthy’!

I think all of you go with a big yes.

This is something you need to be in the eyes of the user. So open rate tells you how trustworthy you are in the eyes of a receiver.


It tells the company about the percentage of recipients who opened the email sent by the company for a purpose.

It can also be understood by the ratio of email opened to the ratio of the answer we get after subtracting email sent with email bounced.

Enhancement of Open-Rate

By mentioning enhancement we mean how can we optimize it for good results i.e. to have good open rates. 

Are there some strategies that one can believe in building open rates? Opening an email campaign is the first and foremost step to take email campaigns to a different level. 


So always follow some no brainer strategies that will give you benefit

  • Enhance the subject line
  • Use emojis
  • Attention towards preview text
  • Free courses and exciting offers
  • Personalized email id

According to the campaign monitor report, the average email open rate should be between 15-25% and emails with personalized subject lines can hit up to 26%. 

Let’s see some email click through rate benchmarks by campaignmonitor.

In spite of this open rate, the percentage depends on the type of industry also. 

Click-through rate

How it sounds ‘You are near to the goal’, ‘You are almost there’, ‘Just one step more and you will win’.

Sounds great! Right!

(This is what good CTR sounds like.)

Strong CTA email "improve click-through rate"

It is the number of receivers who clicked on the CTA of an email campaign.

Mathematically, email click-through rate formula can be expressed as the ratio of a number of click-throughs to the number of delivered emails.

For example- If you send 100 emails in your email campaign and 20 users clicked on the CTA given in the message then the CTR of the email campaign is 20%.

We will discuss how to improve CTR in email marketing later on in this post. 

Now let’s see the third and the final step which is crucial for the sale and conversion.

Response Rate

How satisfactory it would be if you obtain a righteous response to your work.

The final term i.e. response rate will give you the best gift of your efforts.

The response rate gives the total number of users who clicked on the CTA and completed the action.

It can be formulated by the number of actions completed with respect to the number of emails delivered.

Growth of Response Rate

The other words for the response rate are completion rate or return rate. In the end, brands focus on increasing the response rate because this is the final step to get great ROI.

There are some factors that can lead to the growth of the response rate.

  • Provide a solution to the unanswered problem
  • Provide the incentives at a reasonable price
  • Make them realize about CTA by scheduling reminder

The purpose of an email campaign CTA can be different such as for purchase, for booking a seat, for survey and feedback. So design your CTA accordingly.

The aim of this post is to know about the growth of CTR. We have taken the three terms into consideration for a successful email campaign.

To run the things on a track we need to build some tricks with some dos and don’ts. Keep your mind, hands, and eyes busy.

1. Email Content

How focussed is your content in solving the problems of your audience is the most considerable activity of a company. 

Your content is the best possible way to reach out to the targeted audience. Good content is responsible for a satisfactory CTR and response rate too.


To write remarkable content you must take care of the following tips

  • Your email should be interactive that the audience can connect with you
  • ‘Want some, Give some’ strategy can make a difference
  • An attractive image leads to a hike in CTR.
  • Use numbers like 12 ways to collect email addresses.
  • Reports that give accurate statistics around the globe
  • Social sharing option to increase the clicks.

With ‘Want some, Give some’ strategy you can offer them great incentives like free courses, free video tutorials, free ebooks, and discounts on the renowned product of your company in exchange for tapping subscribe and sharing buttons.

2. Email Formatting

Email formatting is used to format the text of the email including images.

Layouting the email is necessary for the proper positioning of the email content.

It leads to an increase in the open and click-through rates of the email campaign. 

If you are working for the success of the email campaign then the following points should be kept in mind

  • Keep the width of your email right. You can do your preview width under 600 px.
  • Your email should be good for all screen sizes.
  • Mobile compatibility can make a difference in achieving high CTR. It is reported that most of the users open their emails on their mobile phones.
  • Use colorful images in your email text. Using images can drive the interest of the user.
  • Try to avoid mentioning key information in images because sometimes images are blocked by default and take time to appear on the screen.

You may doubt how to format and place the content in the right position.

Is there any perfect layout that acts as the right user interface. The answer is Yes.

F Pattern and Z layout

There are so many different layouts that one can use to design articles, blog posts, and websites. Each layout is meant for the different purposes of companies.

F pattern is used when you have more content like a blog post of 1000 words and more. 

This pattern is user friendly because everything can be read from top to bottom and left to right. 

Every feature like logo of the brand, sidebar, navigation bar, CTA, and main text gets its right alignment by this F layout. 

Most bloggers use the F pattern to design their posts.

Z layout can be used to design a business theme or any portfolio which requires less content. 

It is because here messages are conveyed by using infographics and images.

3. Segmentation

We all are different in terms of education, passion, interest, and work. 

So email can’t be the same for everyone. The email which you send doesn’t sound important in each individual perspective.

To have higher click rates it is high time to segment the email list. Categorize your subscribers on the basis of their interest.


Not every mail meant to be read and clicked by everyone.

Divide your list into engaged and unengaged subscribers. 

You can remove unengaged subscribers from your list by adding fresh contacts.

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Segmenting and personalizing the email list provides you knowledge about the audience, their interest. 

If relevant email is sent to the relevant audience it will push the CTR of the email campaign.

4. Time and Trust

The man who is punctual is at the forefront of winning the trust of the people. 

So to improve CTR in email marketing you have to be on time and reflect the image of a reputable sender to the receiver.


You can opt-in for the following points while trying to improve CTR.

  • Try to send an email after office hours
  • Send 1-2 emails per week
  • Use the real name email address
  • Connect through social media
  • No fake promises

Once you build trust with the audience you will have higher CTR.

5. Resend Campaign

Don’t stop after the first time. You should try at least thrice to get a better response. This is what a business should do if it does not succeed for the first time.

It may be possible that the user does not have time for the first time. So try to remind them about the campaign. You can do this by

  • Creating an urgency like ‘ Hey {name}, only 2 days left’, ‘Don’t miss the chance’, ‘Grab today with extra discounts’
  • Take steps according to the user’s action.

For example- If he was looking for an internship in Data Science but due to reasons like fees, last date and time of class he has not registered to that so send him emails related to his interest by offering extra discounts, flexible hours and with the announcement of extending the last date.

Conclusion: Boost Email Click-Through Rate

CTR tells how much the company is capable of winning the trust of the users. 

High CTR means a strong relationship between the sender and receiver. CTR gives you amazing benefits

  • Provide Strong Call-to-Action.
  • Use personalized email addresses.
  • Put your subject line to the point.
  • Avoid link stuffing and too many images.
  • Use buttons to get more clicks.
  • Resend campaigns.
  • Try A/B testing strategy.
  • Send emails with proper timings based on time-zone.

More ad impressions

High CTR → High Quality score → Low CPC → High ad rank

Improving the Quality Score by 1 point will increase your impression share.

Organic Search Rankings

An increase in organic CTR will boost the ranking of your site. 

High CTR means your website is getting more traffic and Google immediately understands that this is the best and relevant answer to the users. 

So the chance of getting on the top rank will increase.

Conversion Rates

High CTR → High traffic → High Conversion

This simply means if the CTR is more then there are high chances of purchase, sale, a boost in email list, and ROI.

If you find these tips helpful then do share, comment, and let me know what hack you’re going to use in order to boost your email click-through rate.

Feedbacks are always welcomed.

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