Email Marketing Terminologies

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Getting starting with Email Marketing? Then you must be familiar with terms like CTR, open rate, response rate, funnel etc.

Not sure?

Let’s examine this post to know about the email marketing terminologies.


Acceptance Rate

The percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. But factors such as soft bounce depends whether email got delivered in the inbox or not.


Bounce Rate

It refers to the rate at which your emails are not delivered because of several reasons. There are two types of bounces, hard bounce and soft bounce.

An acceptable bounce rate is less than 5%.


Clicks Per Open (CPO)

It simply means number of clicks divided by the number of opens.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

It is the number of receivers who clicked on the (Call-to-Action) CTA of an email campaign.

For instance, If you send 100 emails in your email campaign and 20 users clicked on the CTA given in the message then the CTR of the email campaign is 20%.


Dynamic Content

It is more personalized content. You can send emails according to the users or subscribers you have in your list. 

Setting your content by taking location, gender, previous purchases into consideration and then taking your step forward in an email campaign is termed as dynamic content.


Email List

An email list is the number of email addresses which your company has in the name of subscribers.

Companies can easily market their products and services if they have a good email list. You can give updated information to the users by using the email list.

Email Campaign

Just an email, designed to achieve an overall marketing goal. An email campaign consists of:

  • Subject of Email
  • Recipients
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Automation & Funnels.

Email Service Provider

An email service provider (ESP) is the company that allows users to have an email list, send bulk emails, receive emails and start an email campaign.

Example: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Zoho


Hard Bounce

When an email can’t see off with the inbox then the email is called a bounce. Maybe because it was returned by a recipient mail server.

Hard bounce considers the permanent reason behind unsuccessful delivery of an email. It is due to the following reasons

  • Recipient email address is not valid.
  • The recipient email server has blocked the delivery


Lead magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive that is offered to the customer in the return for their email addresses. 

This is done to increase the number of subscribers and expanding the email list.

You can provide them with various opt-in offers like

  • Videos
  • Ebook
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Study
  • Checklists
  • Reports


Marketing Automation

It is referred to the use of software and technology in email campaign so that your list automatically get segmented and personalized.

It makes sure that a relevant email will be sent to the relevant customer and on time.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is one of the top picked tactics by marketers.

It analyses your email content for a better pitch and a good CTR.

It tests various variables like images, CTA, colour and font to find the best fit combination for your open rate, click-through rate and even response rate.


Open Rate

It tells the company about the percentage of recipients who opened the email sent by the company for a purpose.

For instance, you’ve sent 100 emails to your subscriber and only 20 of them opened your email, then Open Rate would be 20%

Opt-in, Opt-out

Opt-in is the process of providing your email address to the webmaster by signing in the newsletter. 

In simple words, it is the process of becoming a subscriber of a particular brand.

Opt-out is opposite to opt-in. It is the process of unsubscribing from the mailing lists. 



Personalisation is customising the email according to the customer.

It is sending specific email to the specific user by taking various aspects like location, purchasing habits, gender etc into consideration.


It helps in solving problems of the users by targeting the relevant users and identifying their problems.


Response Rate

The response rate gives the total number of users who clicked on the CTA and completed the action.

That means the percentage of users who fulfilled the goal of an email campaign.


Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is the list of steps or it is a model that is used by a company to target the customer in a way to convince them for purchase.

Sales funnel involved the listed steps

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty
  • Support


Segmentation of the list point towards the updation of the list according to the active and inactive subscribers and mentioning new by removing inactive old subscribers.

Segmentation of the list is useful for your company in managing the customers and increase the sale.


Segmentation can be listed as

  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Psychographic Segmentation
  • Behavioural Segmentation
  • Demographic Segmentation

Soft Bounce

In the soft bounce, your email is reached to the recipient mail server but bounced back due to following reasons and could not read by the recipient.

  • Full mailbox.
  • Mail Server limit issue.
  • Your email is too large.

It considers the temporary issue in the delivery of an email. Soft bounces can be termed as hard bounces if it is in a repetitive manner.

Wrap Up: Email Marketing Glossary

I hope you’re now familiar with most of the email marketing terminologies.

This is just a basic setup before jumping into the ocean of email marketing.

Email marketing is full of potential and before starting, you should know each and every term related to email marketing.

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