The Art of Public Speaking for Introverts: 7 Powerful Tips

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Have you ever tried to share something to your surroundings?

Did your presentation not work at the level which you think it should?

Do you ever think you would be always an audience member just because of your “quiet” behaviour?

So here is the guide to solve your problem which helps you to build your public speaking skills as well as to take you out from your introvert personality.

Before grooming ourselves, let’s have a look at the misconception which says that shy people and introverts are the same.

Difference between a ‘Shy’ & an ‘Introvert’

Many said that shy people have a lot to do with introverts but is this true, the answer is no.

Enjoying time alone, dislike in interacting with the people or not to become social is the topmost quality of an introvert whereas an individual having shyness is afraid of getting involved in a social gathering.

This can be illustrated in following example:

Suppose there are two people X and Y, X being introvert & Y being shy and you are throwing a party. X loves to enjoy the corner in your party instead of enjoying the activities because he finds connecting and enjoying with people is stressful while Y wants to join the activities but is afraid to connect with the people.


In short we can say shyness is natural but introversion is the behavior of an individual. Shyness can be medicated by doing work on it but improving the behavior is people’s choice.

We can say sometimes being introvert or extrovert depends on our surroundings, time, and place.

We find someone suitable to share our thoughts, aim and our answers to different walk of life but when we do not, we keep mum.

So first reflects the traits of being an extrovert while the second one reflects the traits of being an introvert.

Keep your eye forward to be a public speaker from an introvert personality. Let’s talk about some master tips for public speaking.

Tip #1: Grab the Chance

You should always keep yourself involved in getting opportunities and chances.

Students can do it in their schools and colleges because you can never find a platform better than this anywhere.

Schools and colleges organize debates and talks in a regular interval of time. This will help you to build your skills for public speaking.

Always remember ‘Come first, Get first’. If you come first you will improve first.

Tip #2: Say no to ‘Hesitation’

Many of us do not like to talk, to answer and to discuss when hesitation dominates us. This indirectly becomes introvert attitude in the eyes of others. Some of us mismatch hesitation with introversion.

Especially students should improve this habit by asking the questions freely and solving the doubts without having the uncertainty about the question which is to be asked.

Interaction is one of the best therapies to develop confidence which helps you to build your public speaking skills.


Let’s talk about the professional life which includes many activities where we have to speak in public like giving a description of the work to the whole team. This takes your mind in great botheration because there is a lot to do to make your presentation at good level. So!

 Want to give a presentation which reflects your body language, your content, your accent, in short, which is totally perfect. So keep reading this post which turns to be fruitful for you.

Tip #3: Focus on ‘Original’

To be original in your ppt slides always helps your presentation to be executed in a good way. Making your own slides gives you confidence about the content because that is the original matter which you have put into the slides.

You can explain it in a better way by getting riding of the awkward pauses and this gives a positive sign about your knowledge to the senior authorities also.

So skip the habit of copying and pasting the content and start developing your own content which reflects your research on that particular topic.

Tip #4: Colorful slides

If we all given a choice between a colorful thing and a black & white one, many of us would go for a colorful one.

Same goes for your slides, try to make your slides colourful. and it is beautifully said that ‘Color is a power which directly influences the soul.’


Creating colourful slides will give different confidence and contentment. Also, it will boost your public speaking confidence.

Tip #5: Engage your listeners

A presentation is considered to be good when your audience or listeners enjoy it without having boredom.

The audience plays a good role in building your confidence. If your audience does not enjoy your words then your confidence automatically goes down.

So try to engage your listeners by asking general questions related to your topic, your research.

Make them understand the topic by giving different examples of daily life or something which you find interesting and is relatable.

Tip #6: Gesture and Posture

Gesture and posture is nothing but body language. It is the way how you talk, walk, move, and maintain eye contact with the audience.

It is a type of communication with the audience which is non-verbal. By seeing the body language audience can estimate your message which you want to convey.

The following are the tips which can improve your body language as well as your presentation during public speaking.

  1. Giving your presentation with a smile can drive your audience to listen to you carefully.
  2. Giving a presentation by standing straight will give you confidence and it is also a good point because you can approach your audience easily.
  3. Moving on the podium will reflect that you are not nervous and relax with whatever you gonna speak.

Make yourself facially expressive. It can take your audience to trust your words.

Tip #7: Do Practice

Always remember ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’

To improve your public speaking skills, you should Speak at least 4-5 times in front of the mirror.

Work not only on the content but on the body language also.

Speak in front of the person who gives you positive vibes and can tell where you are going on wrong track.

If you practice well, you will get a good result in the form of an engaged audience in your presentation.

Follow these points to make your presentation at a great level and let me know if these points really help you.

If you find these can sort out your problem during your public speaking then, do like, share and comment.

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